Imelda Widjaja was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Growing up she was studying art & political science and attained her bachelor's degree at the University of Washington, Seattle, USA. After college she decided to go back to Indonesia and travel around Asia for a few years to look for inspiration and learn about the diversity, the richness of the culture and crafts of the region. These trips and their stories brought the biggest influence in her life and work while searching for the perfect place to settle.

In 2006 Imelda decided to move from her base in Jakarta and by learning first from a simple jewelry book, she started a jewelry business in Bali. Bali is a craft heaven for jewelry makers and designers where there are abundance of resources, materials and skilled crafters that she can work with. The island is the perfect place to execute her concept and ideas and it is also her playing ground to express her passion for the sea, nature, arts, colors and crafts. From a small workshop in Legian area, she then started a small design house and production workshop that tailored to many international buyers and private label owners who came to the island to source. Slowly Imelda learnt about the importance of craftsmanship while searching for her own design identity. She then created her own line and Jewel Rocks brand was born after. She continues to focus on expanding the brands to other parts of the world, bringing across the stories that others can identify with through small tiny jewels. ​

Today, 16 years later, Imelda is the Creative Director and founder of Jewel Rocks. Jewel Rocks allows her to pursue her passion and visions to create better jewelry collection year after year, to continue to be a valuable jewelry brand and to provide and give skills to other women.