Lia Ellyhan is the only Jewelry designer who joined the Indonesia Fashion Forward (IFF) batch 4 fashion program. Her philosophy uniquely entwines elements of history in the creative design process while focusing on using genuine pearl material, ensuring each piece is precious and finest quality.

Since then, through several processes and brainstorming, she launched Ellyhan Jewelry, a line for our signature pearl jewelry pieces with thematic design. Ellyhan’s signatures are rows of pearls influenced by the designer herself, whose entire lineage has been pearl artisans. The string of pearls, tied individually, is made to perfection to ensure our customer’s satisfaction. Inspired by the lifestyle of Jakarta citizens, she is a contemporary designer residing and working in Jakarta, Indonesia, with pearls being the preferred medium within her oeuvre.

Ellyhan’s designs and pieces explore the social and cultural relationships connected to our daily urban lifestyle. That said, her designs take on themes such as local cultural inheritance, geographic history, historical culture, and identity. At long last, this contemporary piece radiates your look with sleek and elegant style while still preserving its classical heritage.