Led by the matriarch in the family and her children, at its core Art Kea caters the market with a unique women-centric design approach that implies gure-conscious thinking in every piece of its product. This creates a strong brand identity with rich diversity in designs that takes on a breath of modesty. With the success in bridging the generational gap, now the house has grown with the addition of several brands (Lace by Art Kea, Art Kea Stripes, Art Kea bloom, Art Kea Colours), each emphasizing on its own unique brand DNA.

Through these brands we explore the intersection where classic meets modern and express our iteration of the past and vision for the future. Our debut collection at Jakarta Fashion Week 2015, The Lioness of Marunda, was inspired by old Batavia folklore. Since then, Ellyhan Jewelry has launched its thematic collection annually to complement the dynamic and sophisticated woman’s urban lifestyle.